Getting remote teams & freelancers mentally fit


Work has a huge impact on mental health. And vice versa.

Mental health influences everything: morale, wellbeing, performance, the lot. However, employers all too often look to new products or markets to improve business, missing what’s right in front of them: the untapped potential of the people they worked so hard to hire.


It’s not just about ‘fixing’ issues, it’s about unlocking potential

Mental health isn’t just about dealing with depression, burnout, stress or anxiety. It’s also about performance, productivity and so much more. Imagine a happy, healthy, stress-free organisation working to its full potential. That beats* a quick-fix product any day.


We help businesses and teams talk about mental health

Using consulting packages, educational workshops and ongoing coaching, we create an environment that allows your team to talk about their mental health. Our ultimate aim is for them, for the first time ever, to honestly answer the question: “how are you?”



We offer an ongoing solution for businesses who want an open and authentic environment at work. We connect your team with a coach, allowing people to proactively book a slot to chat to a trusted, impartial professional.