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Mental Health for Digital Nomads 

Pilotfish is here to make sure you don't get F*cked up whilst travelling


What is Pilotfish?

You’re a digital nomad, a world traveler, a roaming entrepreneur. You’ve achieved your dreams and reached the holy grail of work/life balance.


You might have figured out that it’s not all sunshine, lollipops and rainbows.

Digital nomads suffer common mental health problems (such as anxiety, depression, loneliness, isolation & stress) too.

Pilotfish is here to make sure you don’t get F*cked up whilst travelling.



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A twice-weekly podcast documenting Joe's journey and featuring those from both inside & outside of the glass box.


Private coaching sessions from highly experienced psychotherapist, David Downes.

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The Glassbox Podcast

Twice per week we discuss Joe’s progress, drawbacks, ups and downs on life as a Digital Nomad. We meet with others to exchange views and experiences of what its like. We also explore the complexities of living a remote life including health, mental health, loneliness and feelings of not belonging.

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Why we exist

Unfortuntely, mental health ain't spoken about enough in the Digital Nomad community. That's understandable, seeing as we're mostly a happy bunch and we're living out a fantasy our 'home bird' compadres either dream of or gawp at incessantly.  

But there is a problem, you can clearly see that here, here and here.

Heck, Joe's had his own serious problems with mental health and only with the help of David was he able to solve most of them. 

So, in a beautiful little Digital Nomad nutshell, we exist to help you understand, cope with and improve your mental health.


Breaking the stigma of mental health

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Joseph Pack

Joseph is an ex-startup founder & agency owner from the UK, who after suffering 5 stress-related seizures decided that the life he was living would end up leaving him with deep regrets. So with the help of his therapist David, he sold his company and decided to become a Digital Nomad.

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David Downes

In David’s early career he served in the Royal Navy – submarines (intelligence/communications).  Upon leaving he founded a new innovative IT start-up, leading to the employment of 115 colleagues located in 6 locations before its eventual sale in the late 90’s. After 3 major career changes, David finally retrained as a Psychotherapist, which in 2017 would lead him to Joe.




"I’ve never experienced a therapist like David, with him I had more of a feeling that I was in control of my own recovery. It felt far more positive and as if I was actually achieving something."



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